google photos 711x400 - You Can Now Search For Texts On A Photo Using Google Photos

You Can Now Search For Texts On A Photo Using Google Photos

So i guess we all know how frustrating and annoying it is to search for a screenshot which you just took on your phone.(ya i know, so frustrating)

google photos ocr 1082715975 - You Can Now Search For Texts On A Photo Using Google Photos

Well say hello to the solution, a new feature in Google photos will let you search for pictures with text in them by simply typing a word or sentence that in the picture. That not all, you also get the chance to even copy a text from the screenshot and paste anywhere.

This incredible feature is been powered by Google photos and is available for both android and iPhone users. Although it still a new feature so don’t be bothered if you haven’t seen it yet, just keep checking and be sure your app is up to date.

Here is a basic run up on how the whole Google lens thing works.


So first things first you open th Google photos app then you should find a search area where you can type what you’re looking for.

For example you screenshoted a picture of a school or bar, all you have to do is type school and let Google get the image for you. Once that is done, click on the Google lens button which is located at the bottom.

After that, Google will highlight all the text matching the one you typed, tap on any word you want to copy and that it, you’re free to paste it wherever you want.

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