Rocket Lab Still Testing launch 21 January 2018.0 - You can now get a customized satellite from Rocket Labs.
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You can now get a customized satellite from Rocket Labs.

So Rocket labs, the small satellite launcher who make and launch satellites have just announced that they are now running a new service whereby anybody can now get a satellite launched into space in their name.

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The company has made available one of it circular satellite called photon which is Capable of weighing up to 374 pounds (170 kilograms), it comes equipped with propulsion, GPS, and more.
The satellite’s design was said to be gottfen from Rocket labs kick stage, the kick stage is a spacecraft that usually put on top of the rocket to give payloads an extra push into orbit.

The company have managed to Carry out a total of four successful launches with the kick stage. Rocket lab’s CEO Peter beck in a statement said that “The idea to turn the kick stage into a satellite seemed like a natural next step, he further added that it always seemed bizarre to him that you would have a spacecraft that has all the same components as the satellite literally six inches away from each other.”


They say that the main purpose of the photon was to create this satellite than can carry average people’s payload up into orbit, Peter said that he don’tsee the reason why you would build some complex structure just to house a sensor or a camera to go gather information from space.

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He saud that their company is trying to cut or rather create a bridge for average people who are willing to go beyond and explore the upper atmosphere.

Well as we would all expect, such travels does not come cheap, although they say their pricing depend on the amount of Rocket lab’s management involved. But a single launch is said to start at around $6 million.😂😨

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