s l400 - You can actually buy a Baby T.rex on ebay

You can actually buy a Baby T.rex on ebay

So guess what? An ebay listing for a baby T.rex’s body and skull is making headlines everywhere because it not normal to just wake up one morning, log onto ebay and bam, you see a T.rex’s body and skull up for sale.

capture 16447209561 - You can actually buy a Baby T.rex on ebay

According to reports, one Alan Detrich is the man who owns this historica parts. And the parts had been on exhibition at the University of Kansas Natural Museum.

But the bones were pulled out from display after the listing went up.

According to Detrich, he tweeted on the 10th of April that “Today i will remove my 68 million year old 4-year old T-Rex Fossil that has been on display at the museum for the past two years …….your welcome.”

In a Tweet post by the museum, they wanted to make sure they had no involvement In the sales saying “the specimen on exhibition-loan to us has been removed from exhibit and is being returned to the owner. We have also asked that the owner remove any association with us from his sale.”🐲


According to Detrich, the bones were found by he and his brother in Montana back in 2013. And according to Detrich, this isn’t his first T-Rex sale. He had once sold one he called Samson for some millions of dollars.

In April 2012, a letter was sent by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, expresseing thier concerns over the sale of the ancient bones.

The letter reads, “Because vertebrate fossils are rare, most of them contribute uniquely to our knowledge of the history of life. Each one that is lost from public trust, is part of that already fragmentary history that we will never collectively recover.”

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