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Xbox live is down.

As we gamers all know the xbox live needs internet for it to function properly, but what if there is no internet? Yesterday it was reported that gamers were unable to use their xbox as the console failed to bootup,leaving hapless gamers staring at what looked like an foreboding black screen of death.

e54a08ff 38e4 45a7 be4c 50fe5e92564b 140035562 - Xbox live is down.Well the thing is those console were alright, they just froze when failed to sign into xbox live. Sure enough, most users on Twitter are reporting that the situation has been fixed for them, advising others to reboot the system to get past the black screen and log into their Xbox Live accounts — but a few folks are still having trouble . If you’re still having trouble, some have been able to coax the console into running offline if they disable their Wi-Fi router or disconnect the console from Ethernet.


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