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Who Is A Computer Scientist And What Do They Do

So what exactly do these guys called computer scientists do? Well one thing we should know for sure is that computer scientists ain’t the ones you call when your printer stops working.

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So who then are they and what do they do…?

Computer scientists are people who use tech to solve our problems, they write softwares which make your computer do what it does, the applications on your phone are all the work of a computer scientist, those websites you log on all the time on the web are all the doings of a computer scientist. Without computer scientists there would be no Google.

Computer scientists don’t just deal with computers, they also do Logical thinking to find solutions to problems. They also learn to communicate and work with teams because one way or the other they always have to explain how their product or code work.


The plane that flies in the sky are all doing this with the help of codes or programs written by computer scientists. Your television set, how do you think it knows to reduce the volume when you press the volume key? It all th working of a computer scientist.

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