WHATSAPP BUSINESS 799x445 - WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout.
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WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout.

So i guess we all know whatsapp Business, that version of the social networking app that lets small businesses connect and hookup with their customers.

how to use whatsapp business 420889981 - WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout.

Well guess what, they are now rolling out IOS version worldwide, which was previously within a limited number of countries.

For those not familiar with this version, here is a little run down on how it works. So of course first thing’s first you’re gonna have to download the app then you set up a profile where you’re gonna be sharing your company’s details like what you do, your company’s location, store address and all other necessary details.

Reports have been coming in of people confusing the whatsapp Business app with whatsapp api which is a service(paid)

for huge company and businesses

whatsapp business 799x445 588122337 - WhatsApp Business app for iOS begins worldwide rollout.The API allows businesses to send out notifications like boarding passes and receipts, as well as respond to customer queries. It’s currently one of the few ways WhatsApp monetizes itself directly.

Though the business app is available in Germany,Brazil,Indonesia,India,Mexico,UK, and of course the US. The app is gonna be coming to the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

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