google broken - Here Are 9 Things That Going To Happen If Google Ever Goes Down For 30 Min
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Here Are 9 Things That Going To Happen If Google Ever Goes Down For 30 Min

So yes we all know it quite unthinkable for Google to ever go down and all, but for once let allow our imaginations run wild and try to imagine what the world would be like if Google should ever go down for 30mins.

So if we could all recall sometime in August of 2013, Google experienced an all around outage for just 2-3 minutes and the consequences were not likely.

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Google is down

Just for that 2-3 minutes of Google being down, the entire internet traffic went down by a massive 40%. So if 3 minutes equals 40% drop in internet traffic, think about what 30 minutes would be like. (It unthinkable 😳)

So I sat down to think of what Google being down for 30 minutes would feel like and here is how I think the whole users scenerio would be like;

  1. So for the first few minutes of the outage we’re all gonna check our internet connection to know if it a network issue. Some of us might even go as far as to calling our internet service providers for confirmation. (They’ll then confirm it not their fault)

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  1. At this point we would have realized it a Google problem and that when the digital fear begins creeping in.😲

We would wait for about 5 minutes and try reloading Google’s homepage again but all to no avail. This is also the point where we start to wonder if it just us having this issue.🤔

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Next up our brains would react as expected and we would begin taking screenshots of the error page which is likely a “Server unreachable” or “Something went wrong” error.

  1. Now our Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram feeds are all gonna be filled with “Anyone also having this problem?”, lots of “OMGs“, “ I can’t believe this“, ” Anyone know how to fix this?” And all other Gen Z slangs. All these are gonna be captions under the screenshots taken in the previous point.
  2. When it seems like all hope is lost we’ll wanna try to search for an alternative search engine. But the problem is how and where do you search for that when Google is down?🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo would begin getting overwhelming traffic and would begin trending on social networks like Twitter and Instagram.💵😎


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Bing, Yahoo, And DuckDuckGo

  1. All Google dependent apps (basically apps that uses some Google services in their backend) will come crashing down.💥

Gmail would hit the ground hard when it crashes, and 30 minutes of Gmail being down would be catastrophic as the world’s productivity would drop by a huge percent.↘️

And a drop in productivity means a huge loss for not just Google, but the companies making use of it.

  1. Android users would be rendered completely hopeless and helpless as users utilizing Google maps would be stranded on roads for 30 minutes.😅
  2. While all these is going on, China would still be having themselves a normal life. Navigation would be good, productivity would be ok, and searching for info online would be smooth as usual because they don’t use Google in China.😉

  3. Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo would throw a mini party and pray Google never comes back up.🥳🤑

Now after God willingly, Google fixes the issue, here is how it gonna go down;

  1. Obviously they’ll start by releasing a report to the press explaining what happened and trying to apologise for any damages.😒
  2. Geeky freaks like myself and others around the world will try to figure out the real truth about what really went down and caused the outage.🧐

Some other set of individuals are gonna blame it on hackers and some other people are gonna try to claim responsibility that they were behind the hack that caused the outage. (Wannabes)

  1. Blogs and websites are gonna be filled with articles on “How Google being down for 30 minutes ruined lives”, ” How to survive a Google outage“, and ” How very much dependent we are on Google”.
  2. A whole lot of users are going to switch to alternate services, others are gonna back up their profile data to other networks.

For now all we can do is just pray Google never experience such outage because it definitely going to affect our lives in one way or the other.

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