adam neumann jet - Wework Is Finally Selling Their Cofounder's $60 Million Private Plane

Wework Is Finally Selling Their Cofounder’s $60 Million Private Plane

So WeWork is finally gonna sell it cofounder Adam Neumann’s luxurious plane. Wework acquired the Gulfstream G650 in 2018 for a whooping $60 million and investors has said that the plane served as a cooperate governance red flag in the lead-up to the company’s IPO.

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Wework says goodbye to it $60 million plane

On Tuesday Neumann made it clear to the public that he was stepping down as CEO of the company due to the scrutiny he’s been receiving from the public.

According to employees at Wework, the company was spending so much on the plane and lavish parties while denying them of their bonuses and salary raises.

According to one employeeThe company was spending $60 million on a plane and I can’t get a decent raise? I felt like it was ‘we over me’, unless me was Adam. And we was Adam.”

According to another employee who worked on the $60 million plane, the plane had two more bedrooms recently added. The plane was also equipped with multiple televisions and Apple TV’s. 💵


Due to Newmanm’s very busy schedule he hardly has time to sit for a meeting in the office so the plane functioned as the meeting place.

An exec of Wework said “ I know instances where people got on the plane, flew across the country, and flew commercial home.”(wow that deep)

As a matter of fact the Gulfstream G650 is considered as one of the most luxurious and popular private jet available right now.

The Gulfstream is a very popular plane amongst top tech CEOs like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and even Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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