181203 walmart robot 1 cs 248p 811423001f7b1657629646bdf121a684.fit 760w - Walmart is replacing it human staffs with robots.

Walmart is replacing it human staffs with robots.

So mega-retail store Walmart, has been reported to be “hiring robots”😞 to replace it human workers in doing some tasks like cleaning the floor and scanning inventories.

20171551972982 - Walmart is replacing it human staffs with robots.

They say that they are replacing the humans in jobs that they don’t “enjoy doing”, they say that cleaning the floors in their stores was a sort of huge task that take the human cleaners around two to three hours a day.

They are also gonna be adding 600 conveyor belts that is capable of sorting inventory automatically with at least 300 bots that can check if shelves are running out of stock. (That gonna be of good help)

Walmart has been talking about cutting down the cost of it human labor and the more robots it brings into the business the more human workers are gonna be evicted.(could this be part of the signs where robots takeover the earth and enslave us humans)😂😭😈

Although the fewer people they hire, the more money it saves them, Walmart says that although it’s cutting down on labor for tasks like flooring cleaning, it

is hiring employees to focus on growing its online grocery business. The move also comes after retail companies like Target and Walmart announced slight wage increases for store workers.

Walmart said they are trying to increase their online grocery service functionality and if possible, to be a major competition to AmazonFresh and Amazon Now whole foods delivery. Stil on track to increase it online functionality, Walmart were forced to aquire jet.com. but Amazon on the other hand are also stepping up their game by adding more physical stores.

181203 walmart robot 1 cs 248p 811423001f7b1657629646bdf121a684 1752778788 - Walmart is replacing it human staffs with robots.

The online retail giant last week announced a new round of price cuts at whole Foods stores around green and tropical fruits. There are also rumours that the company has plans to expand it grocery stores across the major cities in US later this year.

Either way lets just be very careful the way we replace humans with robots before we are gonna be forced to a “robotic Armageddon”.😉😆

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