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Virginia Galactic Showcases That Brand New Spacesuit

Still in preparation for their space travel, Virginia Galactic has just revealed their astronauts gear. Virginia Galactic in association with with Under Armour showed off their sweet space suit at an iFly Skydiving location in New York.

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Virginia Galactic spacesuit is so cool

The very cool package consists of a spacesuit (obviously), a footwear, a training suit and an astronaut jacket.

We saw the suits in action as we saw folks go into some sort of skydiving simulator tube which was used to, well, simulate skydiving. We even saw Branson step into the emulator but no, he did sky-dance.

As some of us might know, Virginia Galactic has been working on a project that gonna let normal people like you and I who are not astronauts go to space.

They have been working on the space plane which they said was gonna convey potential tourists to space, the plane which is called the “SpaceShip” is said to still be under construction.


The service is said to be up and running by spring of 2020 and they are also said to have their briefing room, mission control and lounge at the Spaceport America in New Mexico.

According to Virginia Galactic, each spacesuit will be tailored to fit each astronaut and every astronaut’s country flag will be featured on the suit.

There is gonna even be a little pocket where you can put things of personal interest like pictures of your kids and loved ones. (Why is that?😷)

The suit is now awaiting testing by mission specialists before it could move in for further designs. When you get back from space, you’re gonna be given a flight jacket to flex on earth and, well of course, let others know you went to space.

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