snaptube android video downloader - Video Downloader App Snaptube Caught Generating Fake Ads Click Again

Video Downloader App Snaptube Caught Generating Fake Ads Click Again

The popular app Snaptube which is used to download video for Android has been found guilty of generating fake ad clicks and also making purchases that were not authorized by it users.

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Snaptube caught again

Snaptube is an Android application used for downloading all kinds of videos from video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and some other video sites.

Snaptube is currently not on the Google playstore because Google terms and conditions does not support such video downloader apps.

Snaptube can be found on some third party store and the app has surprisingly been downloaded more than 1 billion times and boasts of more than 40 million users.

Upstream, a security firm based in London said that the app served hidden ads that would not be noticed by the users, allowing the app makers earn at the expense of the user’s mobile data.

According to Upstream, the only way of knowing if your device is been used for this malicious act was that your phone would get hotter and your battery would run down really fast.

Snaptube blamed the the whole thing on one software development kit (SDK) called Mango which apparently is also available in Vidmate, which is an app that also downloads videos.

They claimed the development kit automatically downloads an additional file from a central server which is the main cause of ad fraud.


But as we all know, these are all just excuses but according to Upstream it was”very common” to come across apps which uses fraudulent act to boost activity.

Upstream reported that it has blocked a whooping 70 million transactions that seemed suspicious and originated from 4 million devices. Snaptube responded to all this allegations by saying that “We didn’t realize the Mango SDK was exercising advertising fraud activities, which brought is major loss in brand reputation.”

They went on to say that ” after the user complained about the malicious behaviour of the Mango SDK, we quickly responded and terminated all cooperations with them. The version on our official website as well as our maintained distribution channels are free of issue already.”

This is not the first time Snaptube has been caught in the acts, back in February they were found engaging in similar fraudulent activities by generating fake ad clicks.

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