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Verizon Acquires All Of Jaunt’s AR And VR Technology

So Jaunt, a one-time VR content startup has reported that they are selling most of their assets to Verizon. The VR company made this known on Monday with Jaunt saying that Verizon is acquiring it software and technology.

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Verizon finally acquires the whole thing

According to a spokesperson for Jaunt, Verizon has acquired all of it tech but did not acquire the company. It still unclear whether or not the company would still run as a separate entity or not.

Jaunt might not be a common household name but the company before it moved to focus on AR technology in 2018, was an independent company that works on virtual reality.


As a matter of fact Jaunt has collaborated with some big names in tech to help them create virtual reality content. They even had their own app on Vive, Android, iOS, and Oculus.

The future of Jaunt is uncertain at this period in time, we do know that the company raised $65 million from Disney in 2016.

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