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United and Delta Airlines now covering their Seatback Cameras

United Airline are now taking customers privacy very serious as they are now reported to be covering the backseat camera of their planes with a blck sticker.

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According to a United spokesperson, the cameras were not functional as they are only there because the manufacturers of the system put them there for use maybe in the future.

According to the spokesperson, “As with many other airlines, some of our premium seats have in-flight entertainment systems that came with cameras installed by the manufacturers, None of these cameras were ever activated and we had no plans to use them in the future, however we took the additional step to cover the cameras.”


On the hand while still on that, Delta Airlines have also come out to say that they are also now covering their own cameras.

The manufacturers of the units, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, have been asked for comments on the situation, but have not responded.

But if we could recall back in February, Panasonic said that under no circumstances would it use those units without the the permission of the airline.

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