uk - UK Government Throwing It Money At Tech Companies
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UK Government Throwing It Money At Tech Companies

The UK has finally figured out the way to attain technological and financial dominance, how? Throw all your money at tech companies.

ukkk 300x169 - UK Government Throwing It Money At Tech Companies

UK Targets Tech companies

According to Financial Times sources, the country plans on spending around £375 million which is $522 million, on stakes in tech startups.

In theory the investment is meant to help startups that seems promising and also at the same time increase UK’s technological standing.

According to inside sources, each investment is gonna be worth tens of millions of pounds. And they would focus on a small number of large companies.


Right now it not yet official but we could possibly hear about it in the upcoming UK budget which is on the 3rd of March.

If everything goes according to plan, that would mean every UK citizen is now gonna be a venture capital investor because it their taxes that been invested.

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