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Uber Soon To Be Kicked Out Of Germany

Uber has been hit by another major problem and this time it in Europe.

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According to reports coming in, a court in Germany has just ruled the company not being capable or rather, not having the necessary licenses to operate a business which requires for-hire drivers.

In Germany Uber does not operate like it does in America, instead they work with private hire vehicle (PHV) companies together with their licensed drivers.

But this ban by the court withdraws every license they have to offer rides in the seven cities where they operate in Germany.

Some of the issues which led to the license withdrawal includes several problems with Uber’s dispatching process, and the fact that drivers could accept jobs in the app without going through their employer first.


According to the court “Uber provides the service itself and is therefore an entrepreneur.”

Also responding to the situation, a spokesperson from Uber said that “We will assess the court’s ruling and determine next steps to ensure our services in Germany continue. “

The company has been faced with lots of issues lately like in November they were denied a new license to operate in London.

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