UberCommute - Uber driver kidnapped passenger to boost fare.
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Uber driver kidnapped passenger to boost fare.

So an uber driver as pleaded guilty to kidnapping his sleeping passenger after driving her 60 miles from her destination to boost his fee/fare. When she woke up she was shocked to find the uber driver’s hand in her skirt😵😨, and when she tried calling for help he seized her phone. She then tried her best to flee the car just to realize that she was in connectitcut indstead of New york.

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Complaining to Uber, she discovered the trip’s destination had been changed to Boston, incurring a pathetic $1,047 (£795) fare. During an interview session with the police the man in question Harbir Parmar, confessed to a series of ride-rigging offences which have bagged him $3,600 .


He will be sentenced in June this year and could face life imprisonment for the kidnapping offence, US attorney Geoffrey Berman said Parmar had “terrorised” his victim and would be “held accountable”.

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In response to the incident an uber spokesperson said in an interview with technology news website that “As soon as we became aware, we immediately removed this individual’s access to the platform.” This is still bad considering the fact that the ride-sharing company is about filing it IPO this year.

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