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Two ways to speed up your computer’s performance

So have you ever been in that situation where you click to open a file or open a program on your computer but have to wait for some time before it does that. Yes i know, it freaky annoying.😠😡

download 2 1469997834. - Two ways to speed up your computer's performance

But if you know your way around computers or you’re a computer geek, then this wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. But not to worry all ye nongeeks because i am about to show you the two simple and quick ways to enhance or rather speed up you computer’s speed.☺

1. So first thing’s first, go to your control panel and click on system security then next click on system from the options displayed. On the side bar of the next page click on advanced systems settings which pops a tab, on the pop-up Window click on the advanced tab where you would see “performance”,click on settings and change that to “adjust for best performance.” And woala, it done.


2. The next step goes this way, first go to control panel>system security>system. From the side bar click on advanced system settings then on the pop up Window that appears click on advanced then click on settings under the “performance” option.

Next click advanced and click settings under virtual memory, then click custom size and make it 15% bigger then click set

And that it, your computer is gonna be as fast as it can be. If you encounter any problems doing any these then let us know down in the comment section.

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