106206726 de46 - Two killed in 'senseless act' after gunman opens fire on Seattle street.

Two killed in ‘senseless act’ after gunman opens fire on Seattle street.

So two people have been confirmed dead and several critically injured after gunman opened fire in Seattle.

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The gunman began by first shooting a female motorist(first kill) then opening fire at a bus, wounding the bus driver.😢

He then went on to shoot another man(second kill) and stole the man’s car, speeding off and driving into another car, killing the driver. (I can’t do nothing but just sit and wonder, what the hell was this shooter’s motive ).

download 1609483784 - Two killed in 'senseless act' after gunman opens fire on Seattle street.At a news conference, Deputy Police Chief Marc Garth Green called the shootings a “random, senseless act”, the Seattle Times reported. The bus driver Eric Stark, 75, was brave enough to have activated an emergency alarm after he was shot in the torso and managed to turn the bus around and drive away. None of his 12 passengers was injured. He was able to walk from the vehicle and was taken to the hospital.
Police said the incident took place in the north of the city, and the suspect was arrested after a crash near Sand Point Way Northeast. He was taken to hospital and treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, police said.

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