Twitter 2 1024x576 - Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today.
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Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today.

So twitter finally released it new prototype application today to it first group of testers. The announcement was gotten via a tweet from the company today, the new app called “twttr” was pitched or was first introduced at the ces in january early this year, It aims to offer Twitter a more experimental testing space where the company can try out new ideas outside of its existing public network, gain feedback from testers, then develop new features as a result of what it learns.

twitter 2 1024x576788902768 - Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today.

Although the app is not that much different from it predecessor twitter, but they claim it gonna come with a rounded chat-like shape, an easier follow button and other tweet details are hidden from view in order to simplify reading through longer threads.
And, most notably, the different types of replies are color-coded to designate those from the original poster as well as those Twitter users you personally follow. This is meant to offer better visual cues to readers who are trying to follow a lengthier thread where, often, side conversations take place, or the original poster jumps in to clarify things or respond to individual tweets.


The prototype will only be released to some selected thousands of English and japanese speakers, the company said the group of testers would receive an invite email in a few days time and after they confirm the email they are gonna get another email from Apple’s TestFlight where they would led on how to download the app.

twitterepliesbeta 800x844 993248632 - Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today.

For those not lucky enough to be selected, you could also follow up on the app testers who are gonna be posting every feedback on twitter with the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo.

If you’re interested in participating as a tester click here, application is still open but should be closing soon so hurry. If you’ve already applied just keep checking your email for updates.

Got any suggestions or complaint? Let us know down in the comment section.

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