9150924 0 image m 160 1548798006285 - Twitter user turns airpods into fancy earrings.

Twitter user turns airpods into fancy earrings.

So a twitter user has come up with a very clever idea for people who usually loose their airpods. Gabrielle reilly a 22 year old posted a video to their twitter page on january 26 where they were seen rocking the earrings which was simply a pair of actual earrings attached to the end of the airpods(clever right).

9150924 0 image m 160 15487980062851761966283 - Twitter user turns airpods into fancy earrings.

Well i guess you might have noticed, i’ve been using the phrase”they” right, well the virginia native is non-binary and prefer to be referred to as “they”. So they said the reason for the “airrings” or “ringpods“(get it?) was to prevent the wireless earrings from going missing.

In the 14-second clip, Gabrielle can be seen shaking their head while wearing the earrings, to show how secure the Air Pods are, before placing them into their ears. Gabrielle said: ‘I absolutely refuse to lose them. My cat ate through two pairs of Beats Bluetooth earphones, and all my other earphones.
‘So I got the AirPods because there was no wire for her to chew but I still needed something to connect them.
‘So I made earrings. I also have a chain necklace that I used to connect them. It took me maybe around an hour to make the earrings because I had to custom-make the piece that connects the AirPods to the earrings,’ Gabrielle added. Since the video was uploaded to twitter it has been liked 200k times, gotten 7.2k shares, retwitted 47k times, and has recieved over 1,500 comments. And people seem to be absolutely loving the idea, as many replied to the post advising the 22-year-old to patent the idea and make it into a business. The idea has been so successful that Gabrielle is now selling the earrings online.
They set up a Shopify page, which Gabrielle has linked to their Instagram page, where they are selling the ‘Airings’ for a cost of $20.


Let us know what you think about this airrings, will you be getting one soon.

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