twilio1821148709 - Twilio finally acquires sendGrid.

Twilio finally acquires sendGrid.

It finally done, twilio has acquired sendgrid for a whooping $3 billion.

twilio1821148709 - Twilio finally acquires sendGrid.

it also promises to offer a platform to manage all important communication channels, including voice, messaging, video, and email; scalability and reliability to support growing businesses; and the ability to deliver personalised messaging based on the customers’ preferred form of communications. Sendgrid is now a complete subsidary of twilio and together they are now called “twilio sendgrid“.

“Together, we serve more than 140,000 active customer accounts and power more than 600bn annualised interactions each year. We have a shared vision, a shared model and shared values that will set us up for success,” said Dholakia. “As we join forces today, I’m more confident than ever that we can accelerate our vision of creating one unquestioned platform of choice for developers and companies around the world and help them transform the way they engage with their customers.”

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