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Tunnel lines in London clogged by lots of concrete

So the Thames water which serves millions of people in the Thames and Valley area of London has just announced that it has an all time record breaking cement blob, and it clogging up three Victorian-era sewers in central London.

Tunnel lines in London clogged by lots of concrete | clogged tunnel, concreteberg, London Thames, sewer, Victorian-era

The concrete clogging the tunnel is said to be at least 100 metres long and weighs more than 115 tons. Clearing the tunnel isn’t gonna be as easy as it seems. The water crew are said to use high-pressure jets and jackhammer pneumatic drills to battle the huge concrete dump.


It is also expected to take some months and about $400,000 to clear the tunnel.

According to thames operations manager Alex Saunders “This is not the first time damage has been caused by people pouring concrete into our sewers but it’s certainly the worst ever seen.”

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