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Trump called Apple’s CEO ‘Tim Apple’ by mistake.

So you got it, that right, President trump accidentally called apple’s CEO Tim cookTim apple”😨😂😜 i guess the meme trend is starting to affect us all even the president. In the video from Cook’s appearance with the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, Trump invents Tim Apple at 1:03 before launching into a tirade on unspecified murders in Mexico.

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Remember sometime ago the president also made the same mistake by calling Lockheed Martin’s CEO “Marillyn Lockheed,” that atleast is considerable but Tim apple.... I just don’t know what to say. For evidence that Trump in fact knows the “true” identity of Tim Apple, you can rewind to 40:43 when he calls the Apple chief executive “Tim Cook” (his old name).


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Usually it’s cheap to give someone a hard time for forgetting a name or making a minor mistake in extemporaneous speech. But Tim Apple is so much more than a mistake.

I guess the whole president thing is starting to give his brain a hard time working properly, i just cannot seem to contain myself whenever watch that clip.😂🙌

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