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Top Tech Billionaires and how much they Spend on Security.

Being a billionaire is all fun and all, but then big things they say comes with big problems. Being a billionaire means you have to be aware and conscious of your environment because you never who might be aiming for you.
And that why billionaires need bodyguards to protect them and keep them safe when they move around.
Silicon valley is one place where you would find lots of tech billionaires and even richest people of the world.
Today we’re gonna be looking at the top tech billionaires who spend insane amounts on their personal security and how much they spend.
So let cut all this crappy talk and get down to business.
Jack Dorsey : $68,500
Yes that right, CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. The CEO was reported to have spent as much as 68 grandes on his residential and personal security.

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Eric Schmidt : $296,353
The former Google chairman who is worth $13.2 billion has been known to always spend under $300,000 on personal security.
Tim Cook : $310,000
The Apple Don and CEO of one of the most valuable company on earth is said to spend an average of $310 grandes and is considered a humble expenditure by silicon valley standards.

Sundar Pichai : $1.2 million
Yes we are now in the 7 figures zone, although sundar’s security bill went up(2x) months after three YouTube employees were injured by a shooter who found her way into their Bruno campus.
After that incident,as you would expect, they announced that they were beefing up security.
Jeff Bezos: $1.6 million
I don’t think this guy needs much introduction, being the riches man

on the planet warrants he get the best security he can get because he could be a potential target for a lot of people.

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According to reports, the amount Amazon spends on his security hasn’t changed since 2012😰 but jeff bezos has been said to pay separately for his personal security.💷
Like that wasn’t enough the tech mogul was said to have paid $180,000 to have bulletproof panels installed in his office. (When you’re the richest guy in the world, such things become nothing to you😆💲)
Dara Khosrowshahi : $2 million
The CEO of Uber got a compensation of $2 million for security after their recent IPO filing.💱
Sheryl Sandberg : $2.9 million
Formerly it was around $2.6 million but in 2018 climbed to $2.9 ,million. The Facebook COO also gets $1 million for private jet travel.💳
Mark Zuckerberg : $20 million
Yes that right, the social media boss gets a mind blowing and bone chilling $20 million for his personal security.(he is the king👑)

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According to reports the main reason why Zuckerberg beefed up security was due to the public rage directed towards Facebook.🚧💰
Rumors also has it that the Facebook founder has armed security personnels guarding his Bay area homes 24/7. It only a whacko that’ll think of probably attacking this guy.
Let us know if there is someone who should be in this list but isn’t or if you have any opinions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box.💌

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