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Top 8 Most deadly Cyber attacks ever Carried out

So as we all know recently the internet has been turned into a battle-field of 1’s and 0’s for Hackers. Hackers have been known and fond of having fun by exploiting computers and stealing classified documents from government agencies, and they do this all for the sake of the name and glory. By theway who needs a gun when you’ve got a keyboard.

Here are the top 10 most notoriou and deadly cyber attacks ever carried out;

* The Morris Worm

This was the first worm ever created and transmitted through a computer. Morris was a student at the university of Cornell and claimed that he created the worm not with the intention to harm but just to measure how huge or rather to measure the size of the internet.

But the whole thing went south when an error occured turning the worm into a virus which then led to the virus replicating itself and invaribly turning into a massive Distributed denial of service (DDOS).

The unfortunate incident led to a whooping 6,000 computers being infected and $100 million worth of repair.

* MafiaBoys DDoS


This one was carried out by a 15-year old high school student Michael Calce, who is popularly known by his internet MafiaBoy. Michael in the year 2000 decided to shock the world a bit by unleashing a DDoS on some high profiled websites which includes the likes of CNN, eBay, Yahoo and even Amazon.

Calce was later caught but owing to the fact that he was still a juvenile, he was only sentenced to eight months in custody which means he gets a limited access to some certain things like computers and internet. Damages caused by Calce was said to be worth a mind blowing $1.2 billion.

* China’s Google incident

In the year 2000, Google china’s headquarters detected a major loop hole in it systems which open the doors to a lot of worms. The hackers gained root access to all of Google servers and stole lots of confidential documents and also implicating the chinese government.

* NASA and U.S. Defence Department hacked by Teen

Jonathan james was only 15 when he stamped his name on the &Hackers wall of fame.& James was quite a smart hacker in his time, he used his coding skills to penetrate theUS Department of Defence and installed a back-door on their server which gave him full power to spy and intercept emails and messages from top ranking government organizations.

He was able to get passwords, usernames and even eavestrob on military networks. With all this stolen information and data, james was able to penetrate NASA and steal himself a software worth $1.7 million and also made the agency shutdown for weeks.(Now that just radical)

* Kevin Poulsen blocks phone lines to win porshe

Kevin poulsen in 1995 hacked the LA phone lines during the LA KIIS FM to win himself a porshe. The rule was for the 102nd caller to win a porshe but kevin with his wire-tapping skills was able to block every other caller to make sure he was the 102 caller.

But unfortunately for him the law enforcement caught up on him and he was sentenced to five uears in prison.

* Hacker hits scientology

This was one of the biggest hacks ever carried out, it was carried out by a teenager alog with some other hackers in the year 2008 when the launched a DDoS attack on the church of scientology website just because he was against the religion.

one Dmitriy Guzner was later arrested in connection to the attack and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with $250,000 in fine. But he got a reduction when he agreed to serve 2 years and pay a fine of $37,500.

* Solar Sunrise

This attack was not confirmed but was believed to have been the doings of the iraqis. The attack which was carried out in 1998 siezed control over 500 computers belonging to the U.S. government.

The attack was so severe that the U.S government had to create a seperate division to investigte the case. But shocking to everyone after the whole investigation it was found that the iraqis had nothing to do with the incident. The attacks was targeted on computers running the Solar solaris os.

* The melissa virus

This virus was the true definition of simple but effective. The virus sent to Microsoft Word documents which will in turn duplicate itself and spread via email to the first 50 names on your computer’s outlook email address.

David smith, the creator of the virus said he never meant for the virus to cause any harm but was still sentenced to 20 months in prison.

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