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Top 5 precautions to keep your data safe online

We live in a generation where we post and save everything online, everything we do, we do it online but also with all this comes some dangers like hackers.

As we carry out most of our activities online like buying and selling we sometime are needed to input some data like credit card numbers or personal info. And hackers are the ones who spend most of their time trying to see if they can get all this info to exploit you the user.

So today we are gonna be highlighting some major ways you could keep your data safe online.

* Backup your data

This is a very important step that everyone is supposed to take very seriously but is been overlooked. Your computer or servers could crash at anytime or be infected by a virus and that why it necessary to always have a backup of all our files.

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* Create a strong password

I know most of you save your passwords on device which is a very wrong thing to do, of course it makes it easier and saves you lots of time typing password anytime you need to login. But it not safe and it also not advisable.


* Use Passwords

It is very important to always password your phone even though it might seem really tiresome and annoying sometime, it goes a long way in protecting the data on your device. It also the first security measure intruders have to go through before getting complete access to your device.

* Be careful with Bluetooth

Yes that right, it might not seem like a thing but Bluetooth could be the loop hole for some security flaws. That why it always advisable to turn off your Bluetooth after usage and make it invisible to nearby devices.

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* Be careful of public Wi-Fi

This one does not need much explanation as connecting to public WiFi could mean harm to you. Hackers have been known to use public Wi-Fi to monitor your online activity.

It is always advisable to use an up-to-date firewall when connecting to a public Wi-Fi to protect yourself from malicious attacks.

Although non of this is gonna keep your data 100% secured but atleast it gonna protect you to some extent.

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