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Top 5 most lethal Tanks in the World

The Tanks we’re gonna be listing here are the best of the best, whenever they enter the battlefield it fire destruction and carnage. Main battle tanks (MBTs) don’t wait for the battle to come they go to the enemy ground and still survive the encounter.

Enough of all this shitty talk here are the 5 most dangerous tanks ever built.

5. Battle-hardened M1A2 SEP Abrams

This tank which belongs to the United States is one of it kind. It came into service in the year 1999 has some very high end defensive and offensive features.

It comes armed with a 120 mm L44 smoothbore gun and also a multi-fuel turbine engine that gives it a very good and nearly excellent performance.

4. T-14 Armata

This Russian destroyer came into service in 2015 and is already Russia’s best main battle tank. One thing that makes this tank standout is unmanned Turret it carries. An average of three crew is all that is required to run this monster.

It also comes with a 125 mm smoothbore gun, a 2A82-1M and a Cannon. It turret and hull are clad in Malachit dual-explosive reactive amor. (ERA)


3. Indomitable K2 Black Panther

This South Korea Tank came into service in the year 2016 and surprisingly it is one of the most expensive tanks money can buy.

It has more offensive capabilities than defensive, carrying an Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), the indomitable has some very advanced targeting system making it even more lethal from distance.

2. The Challenger 2

This artillery tank belongs to the United Kingdom and has been in service since 1998, it comes with a accurate 120 mm rifle gun. The Challenger is also the record holder for the “longest tank to tank kill in the world.”

It guns acquisition system is also one of the best in the world.

1. Leopard 2A7+

The German war machine is truly the definition of a hell raiser. It guns are out of this world with amor systems that offers 360-degree protection.
It also has a 120 mm L55 smoothbore gun and a programmable 120 mm HE-rounds. The leopard 2A7 can also be fitted with several attachments from a mine plow to a dozer and so on.

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