iPhone 3G Kings Button - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth
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Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

So here we list the five most Expensive mobile phones money can buy. So next time you’re feeling low on class and status and you happen to have some millions lying around, then you might wanna consider getting one of this insane gadgets.

5. GoldVish Le Million

Price $1.3 million

goldvish le million 300x2001858628999 - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

Splattered with 18k white gold and an additional 20 carats diamonds, the GoldVish Le Million was designed by Emmanuel Gueit and held the Guinness record for the most expensive phone in 2006. The phone was sold during a millionaire fair in France.

4. iphones 3G King’s Button

Price : $2.4 million

iphone 3g kings button 98231003 - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

Made by jeweler Austria Peter Aloisson, the phone comes with 138 diamonds with 6.6 carat white diamond home screen button.

3. Supreme Goldstriker iphone 3G

Price : $3.2 million

goldstriker iphone 3gs supreme974952879 - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

Let start off with the casing which is made from 271 grams of stone solid gold, with it screen edge blasted with 53 1-carat diamonds.

The home button of course is made of 7.1 carat diamond, the phone has 32GB storage.

2. Diamond Rose iPhone 4

Price : $8 million

word image 6216183673 - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

This one also comes with a 32GB storage and a bezel made out of 500 diamond, it back is made of rose gold with the famous Apple logo knacked with 53 special diamonds. It also has a platinum front navigation button.

1. Black Diamond iphone 5

Price : $15.3 million

54281618 2013290739 - Top 5 most Expensive phones on earth

And finally our number one on the list is another iPhone that was made completely by hand in under 9 weeks. The case was made with 24-carat solid gold and the logo again was fitted with a whooping 600 white diamonds.

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