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Top 5 Cool Command Prompt Tricks

So here are some very cool Command Prompt (CMD) tricks you could do to make you feel like a hacker or even trick your friends into thinking you’re a hacker.

1. Ping

What the ping command does is very simple, it simply just check an ip-connectivity level. The ping command is used mostly when troubleshooting to send out an ICMP to a targeted web address.

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To make use of the ping command simply type “ping” example. “Ping”

2. Tracert

The tracert command might be a little complicated for some of you to understand but I’ll put it in the most simplest way i can.

What the tracert command does is kinda determine the route taken by an IP packet to reach a destination.

To use the the tracert command you have to type tracert example. “tracert”

3 ipconfig

This one is easy to understand, all it does is show all DHCP and DNS configurations on your computerm it also shows the IP address and gateways.


4. Shutdown

Yes that right, you can actually shutdown your computer from the command prompt. All you have to do is type Shutdown/s and you should get a message that “your pc will shutdown shortly.”

5. Color change

Do you want your Command Prompt window to look more like that of a hacker when using it? Then here is a way to do that. All you have to do is type color A in the CMD and your entire CMD window would look like that of matrix.

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