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Top 3 things Mark Zuckerberg spends his Money on

So if you run a multi-billion dollar company and also the most used social platform for daily interactions, you would know that being the CEO of Facebook isn’t that easy as you think.

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The privacy controversy alone which the company has been accused with alone is good enough to put them down. But the once youngest billionaire (which unfortunately is now Kylie Jenner) Mark Zuckerberg has been able to handle the whole thing without letting it suppress him.

But the Billionaire who is worth a whooping $14 billion and still rising does not hesitate when it comes to spending his millions. Today we’re gonna be looking at the top three most expensive things Mark Zuckerberg spends his money on.

1. House

Yes that right, in case you don’t know Mark Zuckerberg has been known to throw his money on real estate like back in 2011 when the billionaire spent a brain boggling $7 Million on his first home in palo-ato.

Like that wasn’t enough money to spend on a single house, in 2012 when Mark got married to Priscilla chan he spent an (get this) ass-whooping $30 Million (did you hear that, $30 Million) to buy his four neighbors houses surrounding his own just so he could have some privacy.👑💰

Hold on to your pants cause it doesn’t end there, back in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg was reported to dish out an enormous $100 Million

for the purchase of two huge lands for family vacations and getaways.😎🙊

2. Yacht

In 2017 Mark Zuckerberg acquired himself a 107 meter yacht called Ulysses which cost him a blood-sucking $150 Million.

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The ginormous yacht which comes with a helicopter and it own helipad is said to be capable of sailing half way across the world without refuelling.

3. Security

Yap security is one thing Mark Zuckerberg does not joke with, by the way if you’re a billionaire and the CEO of the multi-billion dollar company you’re always bound to have some enemies.

In 2017 Mark was reported to have spent a bone cracking $7.3 Million on his personal security, if we were to put that in perspective for you that would be almost $20,000 a day on security. And as weird as it may sound, that figure have been on the rise ever since 2016.

So there you have it “The Top Three Things Mark Zuckerberg Spends His Money On.” If you have any suggestions on any list you would love us to do or any questions, don’t hesitate to hit us in the comment section.

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