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Top 10 tech companies to work for in 2019

So without even been told, we all know that tech companies have this habit of always creating a very comfortable and conducive environment for their workers.

When i say conducive I’m not only talking about the work environment, I’m talking about companies that both pay their employees well, provide some modern facilities in the work environment and also the working culture amongst employees.

All of this is what been put into consideration when creating this list.

So without much further ado, let dive right into it;

10. Paylocity

This company which develops a cloud-based payroll and aids strategic human capital have come under fire, after employees said that recent changes in the management of it sales team have made the working environment sort of uncomfortable for them.

According to employees, every single call is recorded and you’re literally not allowed to speak unless asked to.

9. Ultimate Software

This company provides an end-to-end HCM cloud solutions, almost the sane thing done by paylocity. Their services ranges from payroll to HR management.

Ultimate software have been known to always try to keep their employees happy. They provide a very serene environment for working and also encourages employees to interact with each other during work.

8. DocuSign

DocuSign is a company that helps automate everything that has to do witb agreement. They platform help organizations and firms automate how they manage agreements.

Overall they have a very good work ethic and are very supportive when it comes to assisting their employees.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a company that aimed at helping businesses grow, with thousands of registered businesses they help transform the way you attract and engage with your customers.

Working at HubSpot is great, you get to choose when and where in the office you prefer to work.


6. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best place to work, with a very supportive environment. At salesforce you don’t just work, you also learn.

5. Google

This guys don’t need so Much introduction, the search engine giant have been known to have one of the best working environment. They were once even named number 2 on the list of best companies to work for.

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Google provides free food, massage and very good work benefits. Working at Google is a dream come true for ,ost people because you get treated like a family.

4. Facebook

Just like it brother Google, Facebook is another dream place to work, witb amazing benefits, good pay, free food, and a very fun and vibrant working environment.

512015968365368773 - Top 10 tech companies to work for in 2019

Although the social media giant have been faced with some serious rights issues lately.

3. LinkedIn

The company which helps to connects users with their dream jobs have been on a roll recently. They are said to have the smartest and most talented leaders in the valley.

2. Procure Technologies

Procure technologies offer a cloud-based management software fir construction. They are also said to have a very awesome working culture with interesting benefits.

1. Zoom Video

Ya finally our number is the video company Zoom. They are said to be the best in the market right now with some out of this world benefits.

The CEO Eric Yuan is even said to interact with employees and loves to even learn from them.

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