images 5 - Top 10 most protected places on earth.
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Top 10 most protected places on earth.

So weather it gold, high profiled criminals, or a very important document they all need to be kept in a very safe containment and no one can(when i say no one i mean no one) get into any of this containments unless you have “super powers” or have a very strong connection with high ptofiled individuals in the country(which is not also a sure guarantee).

Here are the top 10 most protected buildings(containments) on earth.

10. WikiLeaks Bunker in Stockholm

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Ya that right, it wikileaks bunker located hundred feet below the surface of the earth, this is where wikileaks keeps all their servers with backup generators, and steel walls to protect against physical conditions. Not everyone or anyone is allowed in here, you have to be someone very important before being allowed to walk into one of the biggest data centre on earth.

9. doomsday seed vault

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So this huge facility is located 300 feet inside a permafrosted bone chilling mountain on Spitsbergen Island, well above sea level. The seeds are kept in an aluminium bag at a temperature of -18° celsius. This are seeds kept just in case of an apocalypse, even if the cooling system fails the vault is designed to stay under -18° for 200 years.

8. Bank of England Gold vault

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This is the second largest store of gold after federal reserve bank of new york. The vault is said to be bombproof, impenetrable, reports also said it has enough floor space more than that of the london tower and of course wer), and is protected by an incredibly advanced security system involving voice recognition systems, cameras, motion detection devices, and of course incredible thick doors and extra large keys!.

7. Cheyenne mountain complex colorado

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The complex was used to house a number of government organizations over the years and it was previously the home of the US-canadian aerospace protection project. The complex is also built underneath 2,000 feet of granite, the complex comes with it own power plant, water supply, heating system, hospital and more….. 721st Mission Support Group Deputy Direct Steven Rose
told Airman Magazine that its operation compared to that of an underground city(wow).

6. ADX Florence, United States

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Colorado’s penitentiary, ADX Florence, is perhaps the most secure prison the world has ever seen. It is said that the prison is a complete lock-down prison where prisoners are lucky to even see the sun. With a cell that has no direct access, prisoners are locked up the whole day, without any measure that could possibly help them get out.

5. Federal reserve bank of New York

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So there are a total of 12 reserve banks in the united states of which are all protected with high security but that of New york is different. Robotics are used in the vault while the outside is filled with highly trained hand-to-hand and as well as sharp shooting profesional force.


4. The Mormon Church’s Secret vault

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Located in Granite Mountain (Utah), this vault said to be located around six hundred feet into the side of the mountains and is used as storage for records. It is said that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims to hold over three billion images. These images are said to be of various genealogical records, immigration papers, and more that are all archived in a climate controlled and heavily guarded vault buried well beneath the mountain. Aside from its incredibly naturally secure location, this vault is also protected by a fourteen ton door that is able to withstand nuclear blasts!.

3. NSA Headquarters

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From polygraph testing to some of the world’s most advanced surveillance programs, the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland is known as a center for high defense and extreme security measures.

Like that not enough applicants have to go through a lie detector test even employees have to go through rigorous background test everyday.

2. Area 51

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So you might have had of area 51 somewhere maybe in a movie or a documentary, well coming second on our list is the high security military research facility that famous for housing some of the world’s biggest secrets and coverups – and, to some, it’s known for concealing information on aliens and UFO sightings. Well i guess we will never know for sure cause of the level of security they have, Motion sensors and patrols of armed guards are in constant use, always on the lookout for invasive forces. It’s so secure this is the best picture you can get!.

1. Fort knox

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This is the home to america’sooo monetery assets, it is rumoured that about 5,000 tons of gold are housed here, to put that in perspective that 2% of the total gold on earth. To ensure it is completely safe, there is a bank vault hidden deep within a basement of the depository that has a 250-ton door at its entrance. If that wasn’t enough, the entire location is surrounded by a military camp to ward off any intruders(now that top notch security right there) there is no way anyone is getting in there.

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