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Top 10 Most powerful people in the world

So I’ve been getting lots of recommendations from readers to do this list and finally it here.

Talking about the most powerful individuals on the planet earth, we don’t mean the richest people(which most people believe to be the most powerful, although being the richest sort of affects too).

when we talk powerful we are talking about people that their A is their A, people that whatever they say stays, people that others depend on, people that can unbalance a nation with thier actions.😤

The factors considered when compiling this awesome list includes; the amount of resource they control, the number of people they control and their influence on the masses.

Alright let leave all this shitty talk and get right into it, here are the 10 most powerful people in the world.

10. Larry page

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Surprised? Ya you should be, Larry page is the CEO of the almighty Alphabet inc. Which is the parent company of Google, which 90% of all internet users use.

He also is the founder of PageRank, which is another very popular search ranking algorithm for Google.

Just a side note, he is currently worth a whooping $56.4 billion. Being the CEO of the most used search engine in the world, you could say he controls quite some part of the population.💱

9. Narendra Modi

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Well i guess this name sounds familiar ha, well he is an Indian politician and also the prime minister of india. India being the second most populated nations in the world, Narendra showed his power when he eliminated India’s two largest banknotes with aim to reduce corruption.

He is known to be a major contributor to the world economy, with visits to US President Donald Trump and even Xi jinping he sure do control a portion of the world.

8. Mohammed Bin Salman

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He is a first timer on this list and also being the Saudi Arabia’s Crowned prince, Mohammed salman ascended the throne in 2017 and have since helped the saudi women achieve thier rights.

Also being the crowned Prince of one of the wealthiest country already gave him a big boost on the list. Adding to that, the fact that Saudi is a nation with oil bringing in lots of Revenue, he was once seen signing a deal worth billions of dollars with world leaders.

7. Bill Gates

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This guy does not need any formal introduction, Bill Gates who was formerly known as the world richest man but now second in the world is known popularly for his good deeds.

He runs one of the biggest charity in the world alongside his wife Melinda gates. They have been known to use their money in helping the less privileged around the world.

6. Pope Francis

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The leader of the Roman Catholic church, Pope Francis is the one who gives out the order to all churches around the world.

The crowd his mass alone draws is enough to prove why he is on this list, i mean this guy is incharge of the whole Christians of the world.


5. Jeff bezos

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Jeff bezos is the No.1 richest man on planet earth, he is the man incharge of managing the biggest online store in the world Amazon.

It sort of impossible to go around an average American house without finding a single product of Amazon. He now runs quite a number of successful companies like, it his company that also owns Alexa.

He has been known to be invited by most top world powers to discuss business.

4. Angela Merkel

fbc326 20181029 angela merkel1674105393 - Top 10 Most powerful people in the world

Chancellor Angela Merkel is the one and only woman on this list, Occasionally called the de-facto leader of Europe she is currently running her third term.
She is known for ending the German recession with the intro of her “economic stimulus packages.”

If you could recall back in 2017 she exerted her power after the Fukushima incident, she shocked the world when she said she was shutting down eight of Germany’s 17 nuclear reactors.

She is also, obviously, the most powerful woman in the world.

3. Donald Trump

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President of the United States Donald Trump, is known as the second most powerful person in the world for obvious reasons.

He is the president of the United States which is also the world power country of the world. Even without his political position, Trump is known as a very successful business man.

2. Vladimir Putin

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The Russian president was formerly No.1 on the list but was dethroned by someone else who you would soon know.

He has been on the No.1 spot for four consecutive years, but finally he is gonna see what being no.2 feels like. Putin has been incharge of Russia for the past 19-years.

He has been known to do things that made people see him more like an authoritative figure, like the time he imprisoned his opposition and killed them.

Also Boris Nemtsov, a politician of the opposition was shot near the Kremlin in 2015 and media has it that he was just mudered with no suspect in mind. (We all know who’s responsible)🙉🔇

1. Xi jinping

xi 4612832312 - Top 10 Most powerful people in the world

Finally the no.1 position goes to the General Secretary of the Communist party of china Xi jinping, it also the first time he is achieving this feat.

Considering the fact that he also exerts his power on the world most populated country makes every sense to include him on this list.

He was also at the center of China’s constitutional amendment in march.

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