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Top 10 highest Paying Internships in Tech

So recently Glassdoor published it list of companies that pays the most to interns, and from the list it pretty obvious that Tech companies are dominating when it comes to paying interns a good sum.💵

There have been some changes in the list lately, with some companies moving up in th list and some moving down while others retain their position.

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Today we’re gonna be looking at the Top 10 Tech companies that pay the highest to it interns.

10. SAP
Service : Enterprise software provider
Salary : $4,833

9. Intel
Service : Chipmaker
Salary : $5,000

8. Viasta
Service : Internet service provider
Salary : $5,333

7. Apple
Service : IPhone maker
Salary : $6,667

6. Uber
Service : Ride hailing company
Salary : $7,167

5. Microsoft
Service : Computer giants
Salary : $7,250

4. Google
Service : Search engine giants
Salary : $7,500

3. Salesforce
Service : Cloud enterprise
Salary : $7,667

2. Amazon
Service : largest online retailers
Salary : $7,725

1. Facebook
Service : Social networks
Salary : $8,000

So there you have it and Facebook retains the top spot with Google stepping back a bit.

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