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International Technology Top 10s

Top 10 High Tech Countries in the world

For any country seeking power and dominance, two things are very important to have, a very strong military and a well structured information network.

If you look around you’ll notice that all the top countries of the world were capable of harnessing the power of information and communication technology.

Today you’re gonna be seeing a list of the top 10 countries with the highest techs to their disposal, so let cut all this crap and get right into it.

10. Finland

So coming 10th on our list is the almighty Finland, which is also the home of one of the world’s leader in information technology when talking about mobile, we are talking about the great Nokia.

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Finland is currently focusing most of energy on health technology like bioscience and are said to be offering scholarships to thousands of young scientists from all around the globe.

9. China

Ya i know you were expecting to see china at maybe No.3.😂😆 the Asian nation have been known to Carry out some really insane and successful technological developments.

Some of the tech used in today’s world were first developed in china. Like the Gunpowder we use for explosives were first used in china, even the compass we used were all the doings of China.

Today china is focusing it resources on developing high-speed trains, semiconductors, and automobiles.

8. Canada

The government if Canada have always encouraged citizens to take part in the development of information and communication technology.

Canada have put themselves on the map if technological innovators when they created the WIT, Wireless interact machines, chips and they are even the ones who developed the credit and debit card.

7. United Kingdom

You can never talk about technological advanced countries without calling the almighty U.K. The United kingdom was where the invention of Locomotive engines,telegraph,incandescent light bulb,jet engines and even the World Wide Web were all facilitated.

They are now focusing their own resources on developing military technologies such as Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles and even BAE systems Teranis.

6. Russia

Russia should not be a shocker on this list because they have been one of the major contributors to the world’s technological advancement.

Russia were the first to explore Space and have also been dominating in space technology before the Americans came in.

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Russia is one of the countries with the best and most technological advanced military in the world and their defence system is out of this world.

They are so advanced in tech that they even export defense equipment to many nations around the world. Their missile technology is the best in the world right now.


5. Germany

Germany has been the major leader the area of engineering which can be seen by the presence of major car brands in the country like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and even porshe.

They are even the ones who made and sold the submarine Dolphin, which isreal uses now.

4. Israel

Isreal has been named among the top 5 when it comes to space technology. They were also the first to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) which has real-time surveillance.

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Israel is also the country with one of the highest number of electric vehicles with rechargeable stations scattered all over the country.

One of it most technological advanced high-tech creation was the iron Dome, which they used to block all missile attacks from Gaza during their 2014 feud.

3. South Korea

South Korea brags of top technological companies like LG, Hyundai and the great Samsung. South Korea is known when it comes to the field of robotics and their internet speed is out of this world with speed three times that of U.S.

2. United States

From the putting of a man in space to the creation of the atomic bomb and the creation of a very strong defense and telecommunication system, america has managed to use their space technology to place themselves as the world’s Superpower.

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United States as we all know has the most technological advanced military in the world. When it comes to the big dogs they’ve produced, we are gonna be looking at the likes of Apple,Google, Facebook,Intel,IBM, and Microsoft among others.

With all this you can see that the U.S. is really meant to be where they are.

1. Japan

Yap that right, Japan which have always been known to make some very serious impact in the areas of earthquake technologies, optics and industrial robots.

Japan have also been known to have some of the best researchers and scientists in the world who have won numerous awards and Noble Prizes.

So there you have it, the top 10 most technological advanced countrues in the world. Feel free to let us know what you think or if there was a country we missed out.

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