Alpina AlpinerX Outdoors..007 - This Swiss watch is the true definition of style mixed with smartness

This Swiss watch is the true definition of style mixed with smartness

The Alpha AlpinerX, is a new swiss watch that all about style,smarts and power.

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Looking at it, the AlpinaX swiss watch looks just like your average watch, but looking beyond you’ll see what makes the AlpinaX a one of it kind.

Alpina have been known to make some very good and cool looking watches, but with the AlpinaX, they’ve taken watch making to a whole new level.

The AlpinerX is said to come with some sort of pillow cushion for the hand and the watche’s case is made from glass fibre. It 45mm large and hardly slips under the shirt cuff. It also scratch resistance.

The face of the AlpinerX is covered with a sapphire crystal dome with high leve clarity. The number markers also glow in the dark so you don’t have to worry about telling the time in the dark.


The screen looks dim until when called to action and it also has a backlight that makes it very clear in sunlight.

Even with all this insane features on the AlpinerX, the battery is said to last for as long as two years before changing.(now ain’t that some really mind blowing sh*t)

The AlpinerX can also connect to your IOS or Android device through an app. The AlpinerX is also capable of telling temperature, UV light, altitude and can even work as a compass.(now that what i call a power watch)

That not all, the AlpinerX can even track your movement and track your sleep too, but who would wear a watch to bed. That why they made another feature called the under-pillow mode.

The AlpinerX is said to cost $1,000, though it not sold in the U.S only Europe. So if you live in the US you’ll have to import this bad boys in.

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