sunflower labs rendering 2 - This Security Drone System Is The King Of Home Security

This Security Drone System Is The King Of Home Security

Another very sweet and really hi-tech product we saw at the CES 2020 event was a home security system of the future. The system includes a patrol drone together with cameras and sensors disguised as a garden.

the sunflower drone security system for your home 1707096511 - This Security Drone System Is The King Of Home Security

Sunflower Labs is here with another tech

Sunflower Labs is the company behind this brilliant technology, the system comprises of sunflowers (these are sensors and cameras disguised to look like a garden light but is capable of scanning it environment and provide realtime data of it surrounding).

The Bee (This is the drone which is capable of deploying on it own with cameras onboard to provide livestream).

Finally we have the Hive

(This is like the base station where the drone comes to recharge and also it serves as the central processing unit of the entire system).

Sunflower said the system is built to take the place of your traditional human patrol or monitoring, now when you hear a funny noise at night, instead of a human to risk his life going to check it out the drone could do that.

The technology as you would expect ain’t that cheap, coming at a price tag of $9,950 but could be higher depending on your choice.

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