Prince Airbus - This is the most Expensive private jet in the world
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This is the most Expensive private jet in the world

The truth is, if you own a private jet it means you are freaking rich. This luxurious high flyers are what the top executives and billionaires of the world use in transporting themselves from one point on the earth to another.

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Today we are gonna talking about the most Expensive private jet in the world, it owner and everything else you need to know about it.

So the most Expensive private jet in the world belongs to the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talai Abdulaziz al Saud. (Wheeeew…what a name)

Al Waleed is said to run a multi-billion dollar company that based in London plus some stock in Saudi Arabia, Al Waleed also has estates scattered all over the world.

Some of his many companies include the Rotana Video & Audio Visual Company and LBCSAT. It doesn’t end there, the Saudi prince also has assets with companies like Fox news, Citigroup, Repert, Al Nahar and many others.

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Al Waleed is worth a mind-blowing $18.7 billion and is the 45th richest man on earth.

I guess with all those investments he has along with the fact that he is the 45th richest person in earth, it no surprise he owns the most Expensive private jet in the world.

In 2010 the Saudi billionaire prince placed the order for the Airbus double-deck A380 which is the world’s largestpassenger aircraft” and it costs a heart aching

$500 million.

Al Waleed has been known to always have this taste for luxury and he doesn’t hesitate to spend his money on some very expensive toys.

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The jet isn’t the only expensive toy he has, he also owns o e of the most Expensive yacht in the world. Like that wasn’t enough, the Saudi prince also owns 100 vehicles and an additional three more jets.😩

The Saudi prince pimped the large passengers plane to create space for some Goldish luxury. The upper part of the jet is fitted with rooms,kitchens, bathrooms and also a conference room. Can you believe he even has a parking space on the plane for his sweet Rolls-Royce.

Every bathroom on the plane has a golden wash basin. One very interesting thing on the prince’s plane is his praying mat. The electronic mat can automatically turn to face towards Mecca.

The Saudi prince’s jet have been known as the flying palace and is still the world’s most expensive private plane on earth. Although there have been some rumours of the jet being sold but like i said, it just rumors.

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