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This Is The Most Expensive Home On Sale In Paris Right Now

So this is the most expensive home on sale in Paris right now, the mansion which is located at the intersection of Avenue de Suffren and Quai Branly in the ritzy seventh arrondissement, is also next to the Paris most famous landmark : the Eiffel Tower.

The mansion sits next to The Eiffel Tower

The mansion is said to cost a whooping $246 million which used to be $220 million but due to the buyer interest it had to be moved up.

According to Tatyana Burlakovskaya, head of Kalinka international, the company in charge of selling the property, he said “This is an ideal purchase for investment and similar offers, within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and with views of it.


Such properties are called trophy properties. Possession of them is not so much a question of profit as the opportunity to get a unique asset into your collection.”

What’s surprising to me is the fact that the property is owned by two sisters who are “representatives of a very rich French dynasty.”

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