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This is the most Expensive condo in Billionaires’ Row NYC

So the Billionaires’ Row is an in Manhattan NYC where you would find some of the most expensive and luxurious houses,skyscrapers and penthouses.

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The Billionaires’ Row is also home to one of the most expensive houses ever sold, the one57. The house which previously held the record for the most expensive home ever sold in NYC was bought by no other than Dell Technologies founder Michael Dell

in 2018 for a whooping sum of $100 million.

But that record is now held by another billionaire, Ken Griffin, hedge-fund manager who bought another penthouse in that same Billionaires’ Row for a mind boggling $238 million.

The one57’s 87th floor is said to be a condo with four-bedrooms and is currently the most expensive condo in the building with a price tag of $58.5 million.

The Billionaires’ Row have been know to be record breakers. The $58.5 million condo on the 87th floor contains a massive floor-to-ceiling window a 12-person sitter dinning, four bedrooms and an insane master’s suite.

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Also in the master’s suite is a bathroom that designed with some Italian marbles and a glass-enclosed wet room which can also be converted to a steam room.

The luxurious kitchen comes with a dual built-in refrigerator, another small dinning area and a wine cooler.

With all this features it pretty obvious that the one57 is truly for the Richest of the Rich.

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