220px Libyan MiG 25 in flight c1985 - This is the fastest fighter jet in the World
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This is the fastest fighter jet in the World

So speed, it always comes down to speed.we’ve seen some very incredibly fast jets like the Dassault Mirage,the MIG-31, the F-15 strike Eagle and so on.

But the question still remains, which is the fastest of them all. Today we are gonna be knowing which jet is the king when it comes to speed.

The MiG-25

Yap that right, the MiG-25 is the fastest fighter jet in the world. This interceptor jet was the last of it kind designed by retired Mikhail Gurevich.


300px russian air force mig 251533054286 - This is the fastest fighter jet in the World

The MiG-25 which has a top speed of 3,089 km/h and was built by the Soviets as an interceptor to intercept NATO jets which were used to spy on them. The MiG-25 took a whooping 20 years to produce before swinging into service in 1970.

As a matter of fact only 1,186 of this jet were ever built.

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