reolink solar - This high tech security camera is insane.

This high tech security camera is insane.

It the reolink argus 2 camera, it a high tech security cam that sends you an alert when it detects an irregular movement, records clear video, and even saves video clips to the cloud, it comes with a camera, rechargeable battery, power cable for recharging the battery, wall mount, tree mount, camera skin cover, screws, and a surveillance sign.

reolink solar 285211655 - This high tech security camera is insane.

It also comes with a solar panel(optional) to save you the stress of always recharging, which is sold seperately. As with just about any security camera, there are a few limitations to where you can install the Argus 2. To reduce false alarms, the camera shouldn’t face the sun or other bright lights. Avoid pointing it at traffic and other frequently moving objects. Also, the camera shouldn’t face a mirror or be in strong winds. Lastly, since the Argus 2 requires Wi-Fi, it needs to be within reach of your Wi-Fi router.


The suvellance beasts comes with two storage options either you use an SD card or you use the cloud storage service, but the cloud service is more prefferable because they back up your security footage in case someone steals your camera, which is important since the camera and solar panel seem like they would be easy to steal.
Speaking of the app the reolink app lets you manage your cam feed, from checking your battery percent, sharing videos, choose wheather or not to get alerts, adjust video quality and much more.

reolink app 201947663 - This high tech security camera is insane.The motion sensor has also led to some creepy moments. On New Year’s Eve, my wife and I decided to go out and leave our teenager at home to watch the younger one. At one point, I received an alert that someone was on our porch. I pulled up the app and saw some guy looking in our windows. He then moved along, but it was a bit disconcerting( now that ceeepy ). The Argus 2 has an IP65 weatherproof rating so you don’t have to worry about it in most weather, in fact even in blizzard conditions with wind chills below -20 degrees Fahrenheit the reolink still works perfectly well. Well overall the reolink does pose a competition to other security cam companied and it also comes with a price tag of $115 for now on amazon.

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