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This Gated Super-Luxe Community In Malibu Is One Of The Most Expensive Around

So this real-estate developer in California is building what seem to be a high security super-luxe gated community that gonna be housing five homes that cost a whooping 40 to $100 million.

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The estate which is still under construction is called the Case, and being developed by designer and architect Scott Gillen.

According to Gillen ” There are only three gated communities in Malibu, and it is unlikely that another gated community will be built here given that “The Case” took 11 years to get the project approved.”

He went on to say that “Being a sprawling 24-acre property, we are able to offer very large lots; the smallest is just over 2.5 acres and the largest is almost 6 acres. The size of the Case and it unobstructed views of the ocean and mountains creates the feeling f a private enclave. Once you come through the gate you have this sense that you are in your own unique community.”

Gillen said he was gonna be using large open spaces and contemporary design to incorporate a lot of warmth which is so Malibu.

Every building in the Case is gonna come with some pretty insane features like a water

Canon which fires from the ground to fight fire.

According to Gillen ” in the event of a fire, there will be water cannons on the property to assist firefighters, of you have an event that is extremely large, the community firefighters are doing as much as they can, but we have the means to add that extra protection, including the use of private firefighters, which can be made available to this particular community.”

Gillen didn’t give much detail about the community’s security as he said he was working with security expert Gavin de Becker to make the place secured.

Just so you know, Gavin de Becker was the same man who Jeff Bezos hired to investigate his leaked messages. Gillen said he wanted Gavin de Becker to make the Case paparazzi-proof.

According to Gillen, the Case is expected to be finished by 2020 and some of the homes have already gone into contract for around $40 million.

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