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This gaming smartphone comes with it own cooling fans

So first it was Red magic 1, then that was replaced with the Red magic 2, now a new one is out again and it the Red magic 3.

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Nubia is the company behind the Red magic gaming phone series and their latest release, the Red magic 3 comes with an insanely cool feature.

The Red magic 3 comes with a first of it kind internal “cooling fan”, yap that right, a cooling fan.

Gaming phones have been known to suffer heating problems, like the Razer 2 which got some criticism for always getting too hot after been used for a long time.

Or even the Asus ROG which came with a clip-on fan😂 to use when gaming.


But with this Red magic’s internal cooling fan, all those problems are solved.

The Red magic 3 comes with some pretty insane specs like a Qualcomm snapdragon 855, a whooping 250GB of storage and an impressive 12GB of RAM. As a gaming phone it must have to come with a very good battery, and they did that with their 5,000mAh battery.

For now, the Red Magic isn’t available anywhere but is said to be coming out first in china by 3rd of may, and is reported to be costing around $430.

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