150x 1 1 - This DUCKS could save your life during a Natural disaster
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This DUCKS could save your life during a Natural disaster

So project owl where the winners of the 2018 call for code and their product is one that could save lives someday.

So i know you’re very desperate to know what this whole tech is about but actually their product is just a bunch of ducks. Well not your normal average ducks but a mechanical duck that is capable of transmitting a Wi-Fi mesh network to people affected by a disaster.

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Imagine your area was just hit by maybe say a flood or something and all internet connections are down and you probably don’t have any way to communicate for help.

Well that the problem the DUCKS are solving, they are just a bunch of electronic ducks that could be deployed to places hit by flood.

Once activated, the DUCKS are gonna be creating this Wi-Fi network so that victims of the flood could connect and relay messages for help or share their coordinates for rescue.

The DUCKS does not have any internet connections whatsoever, just a WiFi capable of connecting victims to a central control center.

So let s know what you think about this DUCKs, is it a welcomed development or is it just a dud.

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