1 11 - This company makes engagement rings using lab-grown diamond
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This company makes engagement rings using lab-grown diamond

Yap you heard it right, The company called Couple, uses diamonds grown in the lab to make some perfect engagement rings.💍

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The company was started by one Jeff Brenner, who was said to be shopping for an engagement ring but was disappointed when he didn’t find what he was looking for.

And that was when the idea of Couple came to light.

According to Jeff, he said “i tried the traditional, big name jewelers, independent designers and even the ‘friend-of-a-friend’ route, and found the whole market incredibly complex and unnecessarily overwhelming. There was a clear need for a new brand to deliver a better customer experience in this industry. The ‘aha moment’ of just how big and exciting the opportunity was came with solving the environmental and ethical challenges of mined diamonds.”

The artificially made diamond is also said to be very identical to the mined ones. But they are a bit larger and even meet high quality standards.


All the rings are made by craftsmen with 25 years of experience in the job, and they make their rings in four different styles: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

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If you want some personal engravingsm they’ll also do that for you.

The company gives buyers a 60-day return and resizing policy with a whooping lifetime warranty. Here is a little rundown on their price plate.

. The Classic Ring, from $5,299

. The Pavé Ring, from $5,799

. The Halo Ring, from $6,299

. The Channel Ring, from $6,099

Let us know down in the comment section which of this rings you would be willing to buy for your fiancee.😇

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