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This Bulgarian vulture was arrested and accused of spying

So this vulture called Nelson have been captured and placed under arrest after a satellite tracker was found attached to it leg.

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The tracker was said to be more sophisticated than much of the equipment they had in Taiz, a town on the frontline of Yemen’s catastrophic war.

They then decided and concluded that Nelson was a spy and was transmitting military secrets to the rebel Houthis, the group that controls the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Nelson was maltreated and tortured.

According to reports, the tracker was said to be for conservationist reasons, to know where the big bird flew to and to know if it was still alive.

Nelson was said to be one of the 14 vultures that were sent out with trackers attached to their legs and tags on their wing, and they were sent from Bulgaria.

So Nelson was just an innocent bird that was used in building a network and not a spy. This is to show how badly damaged the Taiz town is, that helping a bird was a low priority.


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But on the 5th of April, the people who sent the bird received hundreds of messages from the Yemenis about the welfare of a griffon vulture.

According to reports, attempts made to release the bird went south when the local militia heard of the bird. They took Nelson, seized him and was taken to a base in Taiz.

But as God would want it, the news about Nelson’s captivity reached an NGO called One World Actors Animal Rescue. As at right now, Nelson is being fed meat and water every hour, with hopes of him regaining his health.

According to reports the big bird should be up and running again in eight weeks time. When he gets well he would be freed and let to go back to Bulgaria.

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