samsung neon 630x420 1 - This Artificial Human Proves How Close We Are To AI

This Artificial Human Proves How Close We Are To AI

We saw a lot of tall screens at the CES 2020 event like the Samsung’s sera TV and others, but there was another tall screen that caught our attention.

samsung neon379967098 - This Artificial Human Proves How Close We Are To AI

This Neon AI is the future of Chatbots

The company which is called Neon and also a part of Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs or in short STAR Labs, displayed a technology which they described as “a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence. “

Neon is basically just like your normal chatbot but this time it not typing but on video. According to Neon, the tech is not a smart assistant like Siri or a copy of a human, it more of an artificial human.

Rather the technology is designed to simply engage in conversation and act like real humans do. It can be personalized to act like a teacher or a counselor too.

Neon operates using two main technologies, one which is the “core R3” and stands for “reality, realtime and responsive” meaning it the reason Neon responds immediately.

Secondly they make us of another tech called Spectra which is responsible for learning, intelligence, memory and emotions.

Another interesting thing about Neon is that you could actually video chat with the virtual bot on your smartphone or even connect it with your smart TVs.

Also during video chat with Neon you’re not gonna see the virtual bot as some sort of digital being but it would appear as if it were a real human you were chatting with.


According to Neon’s CEO pranav MistryWhen you meet a friend, you build that friendship, not that you build that friend. Also if a bank says, I want to hire a representative who can speak Spanish, the bank will not be able to select, ‘I want this kind of look’ when you hire a person, you hire a person.”

From what we have been seeing lately AI seems to be the future behind every technology and Neon is no left out as it ran by a very advanced artificial intelligence.

But what bothers me is the fact that they said Neon is constantly learning about you and even building a memory from their interactions with you. 😲

Although they claim that all those memories and data they have about their owner are usually private and encrypted but common, we have seen multiple private and very secured systems being hacked.

According to Mistry he said that “They’re keeping track of personal reference and learning from you, but that’s not the data Neon is evolving on, they’re learning from the interaction with how humans talk, how they behave and smile. That particular information is passed to the core R3 to build a much better version of Core R3.”

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