sweet0 - This 800m Roller Coaster Will Give You The Chills

This 800m Roller Coaster Will Give You The Chills

The Kingda Ka is the world’s tallest roller coaster at 139 meters high, it is almost the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now the big question is what if we actually built one taller?

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Roller coaster

Just picture yourself in a roller coaster the same height as the Burj khalifa, the tallest building on the world. Well that would be the epitome of thrill-seeking but on other hand it might just be your last ride before waking up in a hospital.

Now most people think the true challenge in building a very tall roller coaster is the engineering involved, no no no, the true challenge there is actually the human body. This is simply because the higher the roller coaster, the faster you’re also gonna fall under gravity.

Now let me break it down for you a little bit. At about 800 meter, the roller coaster riders are gonna be hitting speeds of up to 370 kilometer per hour. And also at this speed, the wind alone is gonna be doing some serious collateral damages.

To further break it down for you, your skin is gonna be pushed behind your cheeks, your eye is gonna be bye-bye because air particles and debris are gonna be hitting it hard. And your ears are gonna be hearing just one sound, the sound of them popping.

Ever wondered why riders of Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world always wear goggles when riding? Well it to protect their eyes from dust particles that turn into rockets, and this roller coaster only travel at 240 kilometers per hour.

Another factor that I’ll be very worried about is the possibility of hitting a bird. Yes at that speed and height there is a very optimal chance that you could actually collide with a bird which is gonna be very disastrous to the rider and the bird. But some might say, “don’t worry I’ll just wear a helmet,” yes a helmet might protect your head but what about the king of them all, “G-Force.”


Now for those who don’t know, G-Force is that force that makes you feel heavier than you are. Normally we humans do experience a G-Force of 1, but in cases where maybe we’re going through a roller coaster loop, that might go up.

When we’re rapidly changing acceleration, the G-Force changes also causing the blood in our head to move to other part of the body and that when we usually say we feel light-headed, turn gray and then we blackout.

Now the big question is what can the engineers do to fix this problem while still maintaining that thrill factor? The first and well, boring answer is to figure out a way to slow down the rides. But that would just make it pointless since the aim is to go higher and faster.

The second option is bigger loops. Yes instead of those little and very tight loops you see on slower roller coasters, you get a very big swooping loop to make sure you ain’t generating massive G-Force at that speed.

But with that even said, we don’t really need a huge drop to achieve that level thrill as these days there are magnetic and hydraulic systems to give you That same experience.

Building something like the khalifa coaster would be just for the viewing pleasure.

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