Beijing Daxing Internationa Airport T1 Design 916x516 - This $63 Billion Airport Is The Largest In The World
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This $63 Billion Airport Is The Largest In The World

So after four years of intense construction the Chinese state party leader Xi Jinping has finally cut the bow opening the new Daxing international Airport for business.

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The airport with six arms

The airport which is the largest airport in the world is said to span around 700,000 square meters, just to put that in perspective, that the equivalent of 98 soccer fields. (Crazy right)

The airport is anticipated has been to receive over 170 million passengers by 2025 which would make it the busiest transport hubs in the world.

The airport which has been nicknamed the “star

fish” because of it six long arms, cost china a mind blowing $63 billion.

The airport which officially went into operation on Wednesday was designed by an Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid who died in 2016. The new airport is also gonna be replacing the Beijing capital airport which was the second busiest airport behind Atlanta.

The building is said to contain lots of high tech security systems like a robotic parking assistant and facial recognition systems scattered all over the place.

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